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Status: New Idea

As far as I know, many people make their Apps Menu clean. But so far, a feature that would allow freeware to be removed from the Apps Menu has not been available, i.e. when you uninstall a freeware program after uninstalling it, it remains in your Apps Menu and cannot be removed (I'm just talking about the freeware, the paid software can be made to be removed from the Apps Menu by way of a refund). This is actually really easy to do, so I hope it gets added.

Meta Quest Support
Meta Quest Support

Thank you for your feedback!

Expert Protege

Yeah, totally agree.

And this goes along with my request for the main games/app menu too:

For people who are a little OCD or just like things neat and tidy and organised, this is a bit of a nightmare right now.

So feel free to give that a wee thumbs up if you agree. 🙂

Honored Guest

Yesss definitely need this! I am a new quest user and i already want to remove a bunch of demos and free crap games from my account. 

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