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Status: New Idea

This idea is a branched off idea of this post here:


It would be nice if Meta could create an API and open up the software even more(Which I know they are sort of doing) that can really allow developers to really expand on what they create. I think that creating and opening up the hardware API would also be a great way to allow 3rd Party hardware developers to start making products for the Quest that can enhance it's immersion incredibly. It could turn the Quest into a far better device than the Apple Vision Pro at a fraction of the cost. 

Case in Point:

2 pack Tracking Pucks: $399

Eye tracking add on like the PiMax 8K eye tracker: $110

Custom made controllers that are better than even the Quest Pros: $300


Plus the Quest 3: $699


In total a use can spend: $1500 to make an ultimate VR experience that matches or exceeds the Vision Pro's. This also allows Meta to receive royalties from these developers while at the same time letting the life of the device become prolonged which in turn allows more time for Meta to develop their next device or technologies.

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