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Status: New Idea

Please implement a "moving boundary" setting. For example, when I'm on a cruise ship and there's waves, the ship moves up and down for several feet with each wave. And it takes me along for the ride. This will make the Quest 3 think that I'm doing jumping jacks or something, inside games I'm either taken to the ceiling or down to the grass level. Like seriously, is there no movement logic implemented in the tracking to tell the Quest that I'm not really 10 feet tall? Like "if Y axis movement >= 3m , then something is wrong, disable vertical tracking"
You can use the cameras to do the head tracking by seeing fixed points in the room and use their movement within the image to calculate my head's movement. For the arms tracking, I don't exactly know how they work but you boyz are smart, figure it out.

So please add an option for us that when we're in a car, an airplane or a boat, to enable an option in which we tell Quest that we're inside a moving vehicle and that it should disable the accelerometers inside the headset and use the cameras instead to hold on to some fixed points and calculate the head movement based on how these fixed points are moving within the images. 

Yes, this may increase the battery usage but I'll be happy to use an external power supply considering I'm on a ship for months on end. This makes the Quest unusable for me as we're permanently moving.

Oh and I saw a post on the forums of someone reporting this exact thing and the answer he got was "don't use it on a plane or a ship due to safety reasons". Well boyz, we're perfectly safe, sitting on a chair or on the side of the bed. The only risk we're facing is to have wasted our money on something we can't use due to poor tracking logic. We, the sailors, are very appreciative of your concerns for our safety but as I said we're perfectly safe.

Thank you and have a fabulous day ahead!

Honored Guest

i feel like this would drain the battery way faster, quest 3 already drains quick enough, but nice idea, I see why this would be a cool feature

Honored Guest

nvm i dont know how to read it said that you know that this may drain the battery quicker

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