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Status: New Idea

Hello everyone, i got a quest 3 a few days ago and since that time i have had some problems and some ideas that i want to share with meta developers for future updates. Since i am new to the quest it could be that some of these are already available but i have missed how to enable them. 


1. Be able to draw in home screen or while other apps are open. this is nice for mathematics homework where you can have one screen with the question and then can draw either in the air or on some other screen to solve it. it would be nice to be able to save pages too if it is on a screen. furthermore this can be used for artists but then it needs more color options as well
2. be able to type with middle fingers instead of index fingers. i type with middle fingers on my pc keyboard and sometimes on phone too but trying it here it just doesn’t work. would be nice to see this work as well.
3. better finger recognition when hand is tilted. I realised that the recognition works the best of your index finger is directly above your thumb when clicking but this tires your fingers quite fast a more relaxed version would be to tilt your right hand a bit such that your thumb is on the left of all other fingers but then the clicking doesn't get recognised anymore
4. a way to enable hand tracking without using the controllers. when the controllers are closeby but you want to use your hands there should be a gesture or something that would be equal to hitting the controllers against each other 2 times. i would suggest just showing both hands in front of you.
5. A way to take a picture using hand tracking mode. in the option for the fast menu there is already an option for starting a recording but not for taking a picture. also it would be nice to also have an option for creating a new border in here as i move around in my home a lot and sometimes start an app and then i am just inside of the border so i have to create a new border.
6. ⁠don't always expect there to be hands, when i scratch my nose or my head or just put my hands under my legs when sitting often the virtual hands are acting weird. Sometimes my clothes and my charging wire are recognised as my hands.
7. ⁠Add the comma on the main or secondary keyboard. Not on the tertiary keyboard, commas are used quite often

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