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Status: New Idea

There are many virtual office furniture which could be created, for example.

1.) Filing cabinet

You can open a draw and see virtual files which have been stored in relevant categories. You can pull out a file and read a page. Then pin the page in front of you and read another. With a swipe of your hand all of the pages go back in the correct order.

Not everyone thinks the same and having the information in an order which best pleases the way you think is more useful. All of the information is the same so it's just the order that changes. An AI could help with the understanding of a more appropriate structure to support your memory and development.


2.) 3D excel files.

It is often necessary to link several sheets together. Having all of the sheets visually in a pile (with space in between them) and clicking a button would show a specific link between all of the sheets. It would especially be useful to see how data is categorised and the missing data and any links between the sheets. Imagine a computer with different PCI cards (which are the excel sheets) and being able to pull them out and replace them with another one.

Or eyes are 2D but our mind understand that what we see is actually 3D. Seeing 3D could unleash a different way of thinking.


3.) Moving the room, instead of walking around it.

Imagine having a wall with loads of different virtual notes. There's no restriction on how high or wide the walls are or how many rooms you have. With a movement of the hand you can drag the walls up or down to see the notes. You can see an ariel view or a list of all of the rooms and select a room to go to any one you want.

Monitoring which rooms you go to the most would give you an understanding of what is important in your memory and thinking.


Thinking 3D is a more natural way to think an there are many different tools which would compliment this way of thinking.