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Use the non domimant controller as a point of constant reference, with multi modal now live you can now allow the user to use the non dominant controller while maintaining two points of control, the non dominant controller can be set down or clipped securely on to a level surface and the ir led for tracking could be used as a point of constant reference, in driving there are to many variables outside and would require a partnership with car companies to make vehicles with I'm certian specs until ai becomes better using the controllers ir trackers as a point of reference you could make the hmd efectively lock on to a position and maintain 6 dof. Think of it as inside out outside in tracking . The hmd tracks the controller for point of reference instead of environment or relying on base stations it just uses the one controller as a pseudo base station. Although not as perfect as imu rotating with the cameras you could utilise the cameras and some imu AI magic, to ignore a sharp or slow rotation without visual data from the cameras saying the controller has moved position the smoothing this out or make it only take data from the controlers position.this could in theory work for planes trains an automobiles.... see what I did there? that was a great film. But siriously this could allow for passthrough features to work more smoothly without needing 6 dof to be turned off and 3dof enabled ignore direction imu input prioritise visual turning data and to have a small amount of imu for head turns. All this and you still have one controller for accurate typing, and hand controlls and tracking with multimodal..


I got the idea from how they set horizon on the iss. They use the controller in a jig to keep horizon. We'll meta could use the tracking from the controler and just reverse the what moves what, and put a button on the hotbar. So it's instant and doesn't need to be trolled through setting like disable 6dof.


I do t want royalties for my ideas, just a cake 🎂 and not a cake that's a lie please. Aha nah I just wana see meta do better than apple and hope this is a good idea, I don't like the idea of lucky's dream and metas build for the customer ethos being crushed by a company that values cash over customers also the apple can't do this and would be able to have the accuracy achieved by the tracking method