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Status: New Idea

Consider this form factor from Amazon:


Where I think the Quest should have general USB support, it may be possible to streamline interaction with models like this and sell them pre-formatted for use with the Quest... Of course, that'd require an extra USB-A slot, or an extra USB-C slot for storage (with a similar USB-C optimized product), since you don't really want to connect the Oculus to a USB-Hub.


But this would seriously future proof the Oculus since in the future you may be able to easily support extra 512GB or 1TB as technology improves.


I'd also add a sticker (or some other concept) for easy labeling so you know which one you're using (just 1, 2, 3 could be enough)... Plus, this form factor would easily fit into Oculus cases and thus not get lost so easily.


Assuming you were adding support for extra storage like this, I'd think that you'd want to build a space into the headset so that it fully goes in and becomes hidden - leaving the look of the Quest clean.


Note: Design wise, this could be a good innovation against other Standalone headsets since it'll help Meta keep the cost for higher storage options low.

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I would be ok with something like this:


But I would also prefer some type of internal slot for upgrading as well.


Is that side usb-c port even compatible with storage flash drives?


I was surprised that they didn't release more first party support for this beyond charging and link.


I think that would be a good way to support non Oculus third party vr simulations.

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