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Status: New Idea

It's such a simple, Basic feature that should be on everyone's devices... I don't understand why we can't remove uninstalled apps or games from library that aren't using anymore

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I answered this in a similar post

Simply you are asking to hide apps from your library for a streamlined list, but you don't want to lose access to that digital content in instances you've paid for some and may choose to redownload it later.

In v63 it is already possible to filter your library by using the 2nd drop-down list on the Library dialog and filter apps to those either Installed on device, those requiring Updates or those not Installed.

Currently, when you define a filter in the library, your selection is remembered the next time the library is reopened or the device is restarted. It doesn't need to be done via personalisation settings in v63.

Implementation example

The implementation would look something similar to this. When an app is removed from the not installed app list, it is added to a separate list called hidden when you are unlikely to use it.

This would not clutter the library list while the All filter is used but can be seen if you select the hidden list from the drop-down options. You haven't lost the content and it doesn't clutter your library.

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As a user, this should be simple enough to hide it from us. There must be a default filtering where it all displays "most recently used" apps.


Installed and uninstalled apps is a not bad option. But "all" filtering is not a great experience when we are finding things. It should be the least filtering option for us to check our own library.


Please research check how apple app store or play store how smart they have implemented this. Since you have our data already. I have been doing this for centuries on different softwares.


In layman's term, Just give them what they need. Do not overwhelm them.


Its quite disappointing someone is not doing their UX job well in terms simple feature as this. **im a software developer too**


Please do listen to your customers. They are finding ways to improve your service and dont give a patch up solution to "work it out".


Remember, you got better attention now comparing when apple vision pro hasn't come out yet.


A lot of people are seeing your work and responses. 😉


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I want to permanently disassociate/remove apps from my Library, whether they are hidden or not. It’s demos or free apps I no longer need and it’s a growing list of clutter. Steam has this functionality even though they also have “uninstalled”/hidden section. Just show appropriate warnings and confirmations to ensure user understands what they’re doing. Or even limit this to mobile/web apps if accidental use is too much of a concern. Take inspiration Steam, they have been doing this for decades.

Also, two comments above containing solutions do not address the core issue/lack of functionality.

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This is too difficult for meta... Problem exist from years and support always answer in same non-logic way... To use filter they made mistake connecting account an app list base on account list... Meta hire dumb software engineers to make cultural diversity team not for problem solving. Im using quest3 only to open steamlink but I feel like want vomit when see whole page of unistalled apps.

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I also want to get rid of some Apps. I did a demo and I do not like it all, due to this I will not buy it and do not need it anymore in my library. 

It should be our choice if we want to see an App in our library or not.

At least it would be helpful if we could set up the „Home“ screen individually, without need to go to search. For e.g. show only installed games, once you start your library.

Expert Protege

Hide function to get it under unused apps or similar would be great. 

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Meta, why do you keep ignoring this request?  You guys need to get on the ball with this and just get it done.  Shouldn't be that hard.

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It’s ridiculous that users can’t DELETE unwanted apps from their devices. Not filter from view but DELETE. If it’s a paid app, we should be able to re-download, install and restore purchases. But at the very least we should be able to actually removed unwanted apps from our devices. I own beat saber and can’t even delete the demo!