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Status: New Idea

Well, to start off, Congrats and hope to see this grow into something more. On the real side of things, i did a lot of experimenting with a camera, AR, and Unity real early on. I figured out i need a phone with a gyroscope to really have fun. I was broke at the time, so I stopped. I do keep up with the goings on. I see Meta is got an i pad thing type portal doo-dad. If its a view screen like i think, heck, even if its not, this idea would help solidify a bigger concept with interactive media and games. Also, it might change multiplayer gaming. Imagine with out a portal or i pad, two friends video chat via meta/facebook and they are both on laptops. Lets also say they both have oculus quest 2. In my research with augmented reality, I used one of the early editions of Vuforia with Unity engine. While testing it out, before i figured out my phone didn't have a gyroscope, i was able to use a web cam and make a 3D model pop up on my laptop screen by viewing a small jpeg of a vuforia vumark through my webcam. I imagine if I had a headset. Thats interactive live video media that can be made with a headset and a video screen.  All the headset would need to know is how far the people are from the screen and orientation. With controllers, the news feed on facebook would be nuts. Just imagine logging on to facebook, scrolling down the news, and using a controller to grab a 3D model and picking it up and looking at it. While the vumark is on the screen, that os totally possible. The mark could be something as simple as an "X". An "X" works, or worked back then, even with the limited tracking points and being solid black. I want to see this metaverse thing work. Just an idea. Thanks for listening.