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Level 3
Status: Unspecified
Let me get the ability to delete demos from my library. Like completely off my account not just in uninstalled apps. I also would like to see more library organized like A-Z you know?
Level 2
I just got an Oculus and this would be amazing. I am never going to play these demos but I have to constantly see them in my uninstalled and All section. I should be able to permanently delete these from my library or make it so these are not automatically added to a library when created.
Level 2
Yes, please. Now with so many free apps available on App Lab, my library is getting out of control. I may try something for 5 minutes, but need to then see it on my account forever even after deleting. I know that I can only view "Installed" as a workaround, but with a 64gb headset, I do like seeing what games I currently have installed along with the other games I actually purchased. With so many free games, this is becoming unmanageable.
Level 2
Like EV E R Y B O D Y else and I mean not a single person agrees with this stupid "you can hide then, but the setting will not remain" nonsense of yours. We want to D E L E T E apps like demons, which are, by their respective nature M E A N T to be D E LE T E D, after trying them and N O O N E wants them to remain on the device, please change this weird and rediculous nonsense!!
Level 2
Please let us delete games and demos that we know we will never play again. It’s driving me crazy, and it makes me not want to try demos or buy games unless I know for sure that I will like them. Please!