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Status: New Idea

The Oculus Quest 2 is such a great device, that it hurts the lack of proper tools to make content such as videos, streams, and so on with exclusive games of the device. 

A tool to stream directly to websites like Facebook, Twitch or YouTube would be amazing. Or in plan, a way to keep a full active Browser inside a game for streamers to read the chat or have a way to control everything while in game. Content is one of the best ways for marketing the Quest 2, but it's so difficult to do so when it lacks them.

As a content creator myself, i was excited to try Resident Evil 4 VR on Twitch but had to stop the idea because it's impossible to read chat or interact with the audience because i couldn't see them on my own while playing. 

This is something that would improve a lot the headset, and plus would help content creators to market more easily the device for their audiences.