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Status: New Idea

Currently you can enable 3d stereoscopic recording with a few adb commands:

The result is really nice. Especially when using passthrough on the quest 3. This transforms your quest 3 to a 3d camera in an instant.
The only downside is that even if you are recording in landscape the 3d video will be 1:1
And the resolution has to be set to the native camera resolution but if you set it to the screen resolution (3840x2160) it already looks great.

Maybe even having an extra recording option for passthrough 3d video only which is using the native camera resolution without the distortion correction on close objects you get with the default recording since it only records the screen.

In my opinion this should have been a default feature which would also help selling the headset.
You see your kid or pats are doing something adorable while you are in passthrough quickly record stereoscopic passthrough to create some 3d memories.


What i love about this idea is being able to use your quest as a scanner even, if your taking that video and giving it to something like creating assets will be so much easier!! 

I would be really excited to take the aforementioned assets and feed the textures through stable diffusions to get some trippy variations of my living environment


I really want this feature.  It should of course be accompanied by some security rights that need to be enabled specifically by the user, but I definitely want 3D video recording without jumping through hoops.  All the hardware is there.