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The Quest is an incredible system, but all the games on there seem to be limited. SuperHot is awesome but only has certain levels to play. BeatSaber is cool but arms get tired after a bit. Minecraft, however, has unlimited possibilities. The only time you get bored is when you can no longer think of what to do. I think it would add a certain re-playability to the Quest. Of course, the Quest is brand-new, and new games will be added soon, but I think that the console could really benefit from something like this.
I believe Mojang is working on it. It can't be very hard though, because the Oculus Go / Gear VR version of Minecraft allegedly works on the Quest. It is just missing Touch controller support. So that's all Mojang needs to add to start raking in the cash from yet another Minecraft port. Microsoft isn't going to let that potential revenue stream slip away. Their expensive acquisition of Mojang needs to pay for itself somehow! There's really nothing Oculus can do to speed them up AFAIK. Whatever difficulties came up to prevent Minecraft from being a Quest launch title must still be going on.
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I love this idea I also think that Mojang will be working on this too.
Hey there! Although I do agree, I dont think this is the best place to post it. If I were you, I would contact Mojang about this!
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PLEASE VOTE FOR IT IN THE OFFICIAL MINECRAFT FEEDBACK PAGE: That way we get the message to Mojang as well 🙂
This should be the biggest no-brainer in the history of no-brainers. Can't believe it is not out for the Quest yet. I guess Oculus and Mojang are scared of making too much money?
If we get it it should be multiplayer
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I hope we get it
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Good Idea! Also if possible WARN MOJANG that minecraft is free on the rift, and that some of us already own minecraft, so making us pay AGAIN would be total BS.
With your new wireless feature it would be the best money making item out there, I already know 4 people who would guaranteed purchase the headset if this were to happen.
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Minecraft is a 3rd party app... this would be great, but maybe post to mojang or somewhere else? Oculus can't add minecraft because it's not theirs, the only apps and software they have control over are 1st party ones like first steps, etc