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I hate that the games are still on my library even though I uninstalled them already and will never play them again. Yes, I am aware I can filter them out.
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Please add this! Holding off on store purchases until this is resolved in order to maintain a clean UI.

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This functionality has been missing from the app library for years! It's a standard feature on every other digital app / game platform and for good reason! No other issue has annoyed me more on my Quest 2 and i know it's still the same situation on Quest 3.

Also a note on something that the original poster wrote:

"Yes, I am aware I can filter them out. "

Actually no, you can't! You can set a filter in the list view for your apps, but it will not have any effect on the tiled app menu from where you actually start your apps, so i always found these filters to be completely useless.


This is from 2021?? Why can we STILL not manage our library??

Seriously, Facebook let's just us EDIT live comments on Facebook, but we can't remove some free demo we tried once?


Fix this Meta.

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Why is this not done yet? Every library in the entire world have this feature. Why can meta quest have it too? I don't understand.


This post is way to old to consider META reading any of it.

It pisses me off that a pseudo-serious company doesn't listen to it's users.

If you read this META - if you are so affraid of issues when someone deletes something they own (that they bought), just add a disclaimer and make the user click 3 times with "OK", "Are you sure?" "This cannot be undone!!!" or whatever you like!  Just let us manage our own stuff!

At least, you've added back the "stickiness" of the category selected so when I close my library with "Installed" selected, when I go back to it next day, it's still on that page....but this is a meager patch, not a fix.

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Incredible that this remains unresolved. I remember thinking "...this will be fixed in a patch shortly, no need to stress." But it still hasn't some years later. 

It really is incredible that Meta are pouring so much R&D into VR and yet dismiss its user feedback like this. 

It makes you wonder if the fight us Meta users go through to persuade people that Facebook is changing is worth it. I know I've stopped. I hope I don't finally fall over the other side and reciprocate the contempt. 

Still hopeful. For perhaps another year.  


You're not kidding, @MooChaqa .

There is unofficial whispering that a lot of development in Meta's VR division is called "MMH" for "Make Mark Happy" since the CEO changed focus and name from Facebook to Meta. I love VR and am exctited enough for all this VR development. I love it so much that it is letting me remain a Meta customer despite Facebook's terrible history with privacy, moderation, and governance of all of our data. Meta VR's development also opens me up to other non-Facebook/Instagram/WhatsApp properties and I am using Llama/CodeLlama on my own LLM research/code at home. But we have to ask:

Is this product for the consumers or for Mark?

I don't know if Meta has a non-employee advisory board for direct interaction with developers from the consumer's perspective. I don't know if we, the community forum members, are supposed to take that role. I don't know which product managers decide on the priorities of developer teams and if they come back to these old threads to get them done. I just really, really hope advisory boards and product managers come back to these old threads when looking for improvements. This feature doesn't turn the Quest from a "good product" to a "bad product." The absence of this feature is when compared to other stores and after so many requests after so many years makes us question Meta's consumer focus and erodes trust.



@Ryanality A couple weeks ago, you said the following : Yes, in fact this request made it to my Top 10 list that I reported out to the product teams this month. No promises that it'll happen, but we make sure to share your voices with the right folks.

Sorry for putting you on the spot, but is there some way for you to ensure/traceback that someone is actually reading these old posts to see if something could be made to please the comunity? 

Again, sorry - I konw you are only the middle-man here, but you are our only contact.

Thanks a lot!


why cant you guys do something this simple?



The fact that this simple quality of life feature, that exists on every other gaming platform, is still an issue 2 and half years after posting is a slap in the face to your user base.