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I hate that the games are still on my library even though I uninstalled them already and will never play them again. Yes, I am aware I can filter them out.
Yes i have the problem with beat saber and beat saber demo I no longer want too see the demo
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this is why im here
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...and the default setting is that "all" applications are shown, not "installed" - so I'm also uninstalled are visible by default 😞
If uninstalled apps would only show in 'Not Installed', it wouldn't be nearly as big an issue. It would still be really odd behavior but at least the default view wouldn't be an absolute mess. I'm extremely hesitant to ever try out other apps now, knowing that I may not like them and that they then will clutter up the Apps overview. I would think Oculus would prefer if we would try out as many apps as possible instead, generating more feedback, data and money. So this is an absolute no go.
at least let the app view save the last setting instead of defaulting to "all"
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Strongly agree! Imagine someone has a huge library of games, some they like and some they don't (Likely scenario!). The Quest storage is limited so only X number of games can be installed. Each time they want to reinstall a game the user will need to search through all of the games, demos etc they have ever used to find the game they actually want to install! It's a bit nonsensical. IF you don't want a full delete function, at least allow a Hide option on uninstalled apps, and have hidden apps only show if manually looking at a hidden category. That way the installed view shows ready to play games, and the not installed just shows games you may want to reinstall, not everything you've ever used.
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So sick of having undeleteable game demos - even once I've bought the game
Generaly filters and favorites list should be added i think. Vote on my idea if you agree -
Absolutely agreed, my library is becoming a bit too annoying now with deleted things being on it
Okay, for a while, I did not feel the need to vote for this. But with the recent torrent of free content on App Lab to "check out" or "try," my library is now bloated with titles I will never use. It would indeed be very convenient if we could optionally remove titles from our library.