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Expert Protege
Status: Unspecified
Add real world object tracking with QR codes when adding hand tracking! And allow games to just add the preset object similar to hands. So I can put a QR code on my keyboard. And then when any app wants to pull up the keyboard in game, it could just see if there is a keyboard in view... and just display that object. And if you need to fund the project, sell a coffee mug, and maybe a yeti style can cooler with QR codes printed on them. Separate to the game, there should be a program to load the model of keyboard/object and align the real device with where the QR code is printed... and specify it's category. (don't want a gamepad being displayed if the game doesn't support gamepads...) I could see ones for a gamepad, hotas (both sides), keyboard, (not sure how to handle the mouse), cups, popcorn bowl (maybe with QR codes on the inside to determine how full it is), One for the door so you can see if someone opens it while your playing? And don't worry about occlusion. When you reach down to grab something. You can probably assume that it's not moving if you lose it for a few frames. Thanks!
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Honored Guest
That would top my wish list too 🙂