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I bought my 10 year old son a Quest 2 for his birthday yesterday, and I had never seen him happier to have a gift!  However, much of that excitement is gone since I let him know he can't play with his friends or his cousin.  Instead, he can only interact with strangers, some of whom may be adults posing as kids. 

This looks like a known issue with many concerned parents. Why does there not appear to be much attention for this most important of issues? 

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I think I have the same problem. I cannot add my friends kids as a contact to my kids; so they end having to use my account to play connected.

Not the best option. I just created my kids an account so they can have their own contacts.

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Ok, I have just fount it is not allowed at

But if an application allow chatting, they can (with everybody)... Not the safest option.


This should be a no-brainer and the fact it doesn't exist suggests that the people responsible for the policy don't have children or don't allow them to use the headsets. 

There is no reason why a child's parent/guardian should not be able to join games/parties with them while the children can run around cyberspace interacting with complete strangers with no filter. 

If Meta were truly concerned about privacy and safety, it should be the other way around. 


This was not thought out or planned well and has some basic missed requirements. Why would you introduce  child accounts with certain protections (basically completely locking it down) but not allow the parents/supervising account the ability to add themselves and other family members as a friend and view/approve friend requests, etc? This should've been a day one feature.

It is incredibly frustrating as a parent, and there doesn't seem to be any development toward this.

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I bought two for my kids (12 yo and 9 yo) so they could play together, and now they can't even get into a game with each other, or join up with their cousins.


The youngest doesn't have access to theirs yet, not until later next month as a birthday gift.


I hope this idea gets off the ground because the implemented solution is the second-worst implementation. The worst option is rescinding access for the age group altogether.

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I also would like to be able play games with my child, and allow him to play with friends, instead of sending him off to play with strangers.  As his parent, I should have the option to require and provide authorization for each new friend connection.  This is how it's handled with other platforms like Epic Games.

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+1 to this thread. I’m tempted to return both of my sons’ Meta Quest 3s for a refund given the constraints on social gaming. Please add some way for parents to manage their kids’ followers. In an attempt to help himself, my son is interacting with untrustworthy websites that request personal info and claim to enable your Meta account for social gaming.