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Status: New Idea

It would be nice to have family members be able to have separate accounts and still cast from the additional account so we can watch and be engaged as well! Not just cast from the Admin account. What's the point of having multiple accounts if you can't cast and share what you're doing?

Level 3

You would have thought this was a basic feature that should have been available already.  
Let’s hope this is in the next release as it has been bugging me since I bought a second device for the kids. 

Level 2

Please add casting from multiple accounts!!!  It makes no sense not to have this enabled!

Level 2

I am in the same boat about casting to secondary accounts!  Please, Oculus developers, please, pretty please, please - make this happen 🤗

Level 3

I just saw hundreds of people having the same issue that my family is now having.... casting under a different user.  What's worse is this has been an issue since the first Quest.  What is the point if each user cannot cast their gameplay on the screen?  They already have to have their own facebook account, so why not let them cast?? This should be up voted through the roof because honestly, it's a really lame thing to have this issue in the first place. Takes away full family engaging, making it boring for people to just sit there and wait for their chance to play.  If this is a ploy to sell more headsets, I think it's a big L. 




Level 3

I wish it would be possible too

Really? Why would you not allow casting from non-admin account? That had to be on purpose…so please tell us why you did it. Then fix it.

Level 3

Hopefully we will soon se an update that will fix this casting issue.



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One solution to this would be to allow you to give streaming rights on your devices to other Oculus users - with priority given to users that are logged onto the same headset.


Another option would be to grant streaming rights on your device to a given headset, so that you don't need permissions again if you're streaming to a device from a given headset.

Level 2

Yes and to be able to help and guide them since casting is the only way to see what they are doing. All family members want to have they’re own characters. It will be great to be able to cast on the owners account phone and the Primary account owner to be able to see all cast from all accounts in order to keep an eye on teenagers encounters. 

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi everyone! Thanks for sharing. I've merged this idea with another one so that we can keep the discussion on in one place. The votes should migrate too, but in case they don't feel free to add a +1 to the top post.