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Level 2
Status: Unspecified
As soon as you enter some games that use the microphone the oculus party chat no longer works, which means communicating with your friends to try and join the same lobby is impossible unless you have a phone nearby with their personal details to contact them. This is a basic function on literally every other new gen console now, and with VR it should be no different.
Level 2
This is killing the user experience. Trying to coordinate communication in games or in apps with on the Quest 2 is a nightmare. I've resorted to using my phone on speakerphone when playing with friends and disabling the microphone. If this isn't fixed soon, I won't be considering Oculus for my next VR purchase. It's already had an impact on my willingness to purchase native games- I'm buying from steam. If Oculus can't fix these small quality of life issues other companies figured out in less than the 5 years they've been around, I don't want my purchases tied to a platform with a poor user experience.
Level 3
This is a large failure on oculus’ part. Games should not be able to take exclusive access of your microphone. Some games do it right, some games do it wrong, make proper microphone handling a requirement for any app in the store.
Level 2
Considering they boast about being able to stay connected with people, you’d think they would care enough to make it work properly. FIX PARTY CHAT IN THE OCULUS QUEST.
Level 2
Yes, we absolutely need this. Party vs game chat. This is a common thing across consoles, and it's absolutely needed here.
Level 2
It's been so frustrating to deal with breaking communications. I've had to straight return games because we can't enjoy multiplayer due to voice communications not being reliable.
Level 2
This is by far this piece of hardwares most glaring issue. If I can’t play with my friends reliably, what’s the point? I convinced 3 other people to get the quest 2 and we were absolutely mind blown when this wasn’t automatically included as a feature.
Level 2
Please. This is terribly implemented. What's the point of a party where you can chat across VR regardless of what you are doing if it doesn't work? Not all of us have the same gaming library so assuming Joe is in Beat Saber and I'm in the main Oculus menu or Pistol Whip, we have to figure out a coordinated exit of what we are doing into the Oculus main menu to hear each other? That's not how parties work.
Level 2
This is the first step necessary for a full re-do of social in VR. It's frankly embarrassing that FACEBOOK of all companies could get communicating with friends in VR so bad.
Level 2
Some games need to be refunded due to not being able to use voice comms reliably. We need some other way than spending 30 minutes to an hour troubleshooting just to be able to get one more hour of gameplay out of the headset before it needs to be charged again.
Level 2
Seriously, the social functionality on Quest is just fundamentally broken and insanely frustrating. Fix it guys