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Status: New Idea

I'd like to use my ethernet-connected Chromecast Ultra to cast my VR experiences onto my big-screen TV and share them with friends.  After purchasing a Chromecast Ultra, I now have a home network with a single router connected to 3 devices:  the Chromecast Ultra over ethernet, a Quest 2 over 5GHz WiFi, and a laptop over 5GHz WiFi.  Everything is on the same network (192.168.1.x).  I can cast a Chrome browser tab from the laptop to the Chromecast Ultra just fine:  Chrome discovers the Chromecast Ultra as a valid casting sink, and the resulting casting session works perfectly.  However, casting does NOT work from the similarly-connected Quest 2, which cannot even discover the Chromecast Ultra as a casting sink.  Instead, I have to disconnect the Chromecast Ultra from ethernet and reconnect it using 5GHz WiFi, and only then will the Quest 2 discover and cast to it.  This defeats a key feature of the Chromecast Ultra (in that it supports ethernet specifically for improved performance).  The fact that it works from the wireless laptop proves that this topology and equipment work fine for casting, and the problem must be a limitation of the Quest 2.  Please consider aligning your casting implementation to how it works in the Chrome browser, which should allow the Quest 2 to also cast in such a topology.