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Everyone who has upgraded to the Rift S from the CV1 has encountered a downgrade in tracking in various games. A great example would be shooter games where you have to aim down sights, which causes you to lose tracking since the controller is too close to the headset. Supporting the external cameras would allow more people to upgrade from the original rift without sacrificing their tracking. Also people with the Rift S would have the option to purchase more cameras to “enhance the experience”. The only issues that can possibly be encountered would be USB bandwidth errors from having the sensors and the Rift S, however 1 or 2 external cameras should provide a more seamless experience to the Rift S.
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This is a must-have for me, it kinda works, for the most part, some experiences and games require precision tracking close to the body or if the controllers in front of each other or behind your back. It does not work. Oculus has a BIG choice here, produce a product that it's known you can't get this type of precision tracking / blind spots and customers will need to look to competitor products, or your fix it. In Rift CV1 days, you wanted better tracking, you guy buy another sensor. It will be interesting to see what place Oculus will take in the VR world now.
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Still hoping and wishing for this to happen. The tracking is not bad per say, but I don't see why not give users the option to cover more blind spots.
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Similar to new inside-out tracking headsets which have 'skipped' the lighthouse and has an 'upgrade' to be used. I would expect (and it would be best for Oculus to just say so) that this is not technically possible with this generation. Maybe 'new' lighthouse (webcam? ... Kinect like tech). I believe that CV1 has embedded LEDs that the cameras use, and the Rift S/Quest both do not. Boy it'd be nice if we just had a FAQ about 'impossible' tasks so we can know to not vote on them.
That is physically impossible.
This is one of the biggest features I've wanted since I got the headset. Now people misinterpret what we're asking for, the headset itself cannot be tracked by external sensors as it has no IR emitters, WE KNOW THAT we want the CONTROLLERS to be tracked. The headset can track itself in any position just fine, the issue is the large amount of deadspots that the controllers can't be tracked in, controllers with IR emitters that the external trackers CAN detect. The lack of updates, development, improvements, or even acknowledgement that Oculus even care about Rift s users is quite frankly the headsets biggest downfall, while the Quest gets treated like a perfect baby with plenty of features, improvements, and updates, the S is treated like the problem child, and issues that have been around for over a year are not addressed. Every new update the Quest gets is like another kick to the balls for Rift s users.
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I have both the rift and the rift s, and I would love to use the rift s headset and the rift controllers and sensors with each other. The Rift s could handle its own, and the controllers could be tracked buy the rift sensors. It would be perfect.