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Level 4
Status: Unspecified
Remove the restriction to downgrade firmware Some of us has lots of issues when updating to new Firmwares. This can be a slowed down system or unwanted functions. Please don't close every modification down and keep the system open so people feel like they have the ability to choose.
Level 2
I agree, I just moved to v25 and the quest 2 has lost so much in way of performance... I dont even want to show friends and Ive never been sick or disoriented in VR before until this update. The guardian is buggy, VD no longer works as well, Hand tracking gets lost and wifi stutters as well as the quest 2 home area. I loved this thing from the get go but, v25 has really ruined the experience. Id like to be able to go back to v23. My sentiment is shared online in various forums.
Level 2
I am starting to HATE my Quest 2 after updating to 25 - losing tracking ALL THE TIME!!!! Sucks
Level 2
how can we downgrade ?
Level 2
Agreed - having problems suddenly with v30 which I obviously had no choice when it was installed. Got a support request open now for a week with multiple logs shared and radio silence for the past 3 days. Staff clearly can't work out what's wrong, sure would be nice to be able to roll back to a previous version. Even if it's limited by just 1 or 2 versions back, that would be enough for most users to get their VR 'fix' when the latest firmware breaks something.