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Status: New Idea

I love the oculus headsets. I originally owned a oculus rift and would play games while my family watched on a tv. The reason it was so awesome, was because the game had no lag. It was directly wired to my tv and my speaker system. Playing a game (especially Beat Saber) was awesome with the music blaring and everyone commenting on things as they happen.

Skip ahead a couple years and I upgraded to the Quest 2. I mostly use the quest 2 to play beat saber. I was hoping to recreate that same experience where I could show others beat saber on the tv using my headset. I was sad to learn their was no way to do this without buying google Chromecast. I decided to buy it and hooked it all up. It works, but not well.

Since games like beat saber require timing and accuracy (alongside the beat of the music) any lag completely ruins the experience. People watching (and me playing) had the immersion ruined because nothing synced up accurately.

I would love for the tv to either wirelessly connect directly to the quest 2 (as a recognized device on the tv) or through an official cable (much prefer this option) that allows for both sound and audio to have basically zero leg through the tv’s hdmi input.

I looked all over the place for another solution, but I couldn’t find one. I did find a lot of threads full of questions without answers and many different people wanting to buy something to make this work. If anyone from oculus reads this, just know I love your product. But it could reach a ton of new people and you would make sharing experiences like beatsaber a lot more party/family friendly (not to mention a lot of money).