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Level 3
Status: New Idea

Basically, more then two controllers should be allowed to be connected to a single headset. In the future, if Oculus controllers come out as guns, or knives, and you would want to be able to have hands (Hand Tracking) and use guns or knives at the same time, the controller would be the gun, and not two floating controllers. Sort of like the Wii controllers, where you could buy controllers that would operate like any normal controller, but would come shaped like a pistol, which was good for hunting games. (Associated product is the Wii controller in question.)

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Level 9

Yes !  I really like this idea and it's something I too have thought about.


I currently have 3 Touch controllers for my Quest2, I had to replace a L. controller due to stick drift.  However, if I could connect the 3rd controller as my 'Golf club' controller, I could permanently affix it to one of those 3d printed Golf Club adapters. 


My guess to accomplish this would be to assign a pair of 'Primary Controllers', and allow us to pair an additional 1 or 2 controllers (1 Left and 1 Right) as 'Accessory Controllers'.  When the Primary Controllers are active, they disable input from the 'Accessory Controllers'.