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Status: Unspecified
I have quickly hit the 500 object limit and would like to request that it is increased.
Honored Guest
Fully agree 500 ive done in less than 3min of decorating. Great tool but WAAAAY to limited, 500 dont event start 10% of my idea to do with "hideout"
Yess please at least 1000. I'd rather have one fully decked out home than 10 with almost nothing in them. My achievements, game boxes and cartridges reach that 500 limit on their own. And I have the performance for it, I know some don't so you could make it as an unlockable setting and give a warning to whoever tries to enter a home that has the option turned on but they themselves don't.
Honored Guest
Make the home item limit way higher. 500 items isn’t enough. Make a setting so people can choose but it shouldn’t be limited to what we can create. I spent 4 hours last night creating a huge home in a cave / giant aquarium and I couldn’t finish it because of the 500 limit. Really frustrating