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Status: New Idea

It's pretty aggravating that only ONE device can be able to enable App sharing while the others cannot. It would be fantastic if this feature could come to a future version as soon as possible. Families do not want to re-purchase all the games all over again so the individual who cannot enable app sharing can play the exact same games the other individual who has app sharing enabled. Could be a family-sharing type of thing. But! It would be extremely helpful if this feature could be added as more than 200 people have recommended this matter.


Couldn´t agree more and there are already tons of threads on this subject so it´s a highly requested feature.

I have three Quests at home, but its silly that me and my sons can´t all play together since app-sharing is only available on one device at a time. We used to be able to enjoy playing together before "app-sharing" was introduced. For us it was one step forward (because app sharing as a concept having your own profile and saves is great - and was a highly requested feature) but also two steps back because of above reasons.

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Amen! I think this is an oversight on oculus’ part! Come on! The games are one price for each headset not different accounts!

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I totally agree! We are a family of 4 each with our our headsets and trying to play games together is EXPENSIVE!!! Being able to game share with at least one other family member or friend would be amazing!