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Level 4
Status: New Idea

There is currently a bug in the system. If I buy a game in Quest2 and I recommend this title, I can send a referral. But if I go to the rift store and there I buy my copy (crossbuy), from that moment the option of being able to send a referral to anyone disappears. I have consulted this with more friends and "everyone" confirms that this also happens to them. For this reason, Meta, please review it and recover the option to send us referrals for games that we have a copy of in Rift+Quest, since there is a bug that prevents it when you have the title with both. Thank you.

Meta Quest Support
Meta Quest Support

Hey @NickbondVR! We love to see everyone's ideas and we can't wait for the community to chime in on this one 😁

Level 4

Another Referral Bug!! If you play a game that has a "free trial" option, this game DOES NOT ALLOW you to receive referrals for that game you want to buy.

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Level 3

Yes I agree. Please fix this bug so we can send referrals if we own the Rift and Quest versions of games.