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Status: Unspecified
I would like for Oculus to implement the option to use a completely custom avatar that the user uploads themselves, similar to how uploading a home or prop works. There are a few platforms that already allow this: VRChat, High Fidelity, Sansar, Mozilla Hubs, Sinespace, etc. It's also the standard of any 2D social platform(Facebook, Twitter) to let users upload profile pictures, which serve as avatars. It's an essential feature that allows people to express themselves much more than the current avatars allow. Personally, the Oculus default avatars don't do it for me, and they probably never will. I don't have creative control over them, it's not me. Meanwhile, in the platforms that allow it, I've modelled from scratch an avatar for myself that feels like me. It's exactly how I want to be seen. I feel more comfortable with the avatar I created. If a social VR platform doesn't let me be myself, then what's the point? I'd feel the same if a 2D app forced a profile picture on me that I didn't want. So I think custom avatars are an essential feature for any social app, and I know all of my friends in all the social VR platforms I use agree.
Oh **** yeah! 30000x this. Oculus Avatars will never do it for me. Being able to use a fully custom avatar is a must.
What's worse is I settled for a ******-looking avatar that now can't be deleted. Stuck with it. Thanks, Facebook!