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Status: Unspecified
The Riftstation : a powerful VR dedicated console (like a ps5 at same price) capable of running all the big VR games without wire (like half life Alyx). More details : Currently We have a Quest 2 which has Huge power but which is restricted by the Quest 1 (future releases compatibility and for how many time ?) The Riftstation is the solution. This device could be plug into the TV like an android TV / Nvidia shield. Provide access to Netflix, Facebook video, youtube and more on your TV. There could be a built-in camera that can be used for second tracking (more precision or feet/full body tracking) / for using facebook portal / for streaming on twitch or direct on Facebook for a better publicity. We could have access to the steam catalog for cough gaming and finally, with a 60Ghz Wifi, it would be possible to play any VR games wirelessly and easily on all Quest without computer We can imagine the use of this console to facilitate "party game" like : Tracking other players, offering additional degrees to the oculus go or vr gear to facilitate the local multiplayer experience where each family does not have several vr headsets. it would work a bit like cloud gaming but at 2m distance. And why not make all our mobile devices benefit by using it for our Quest but also for our phones and tablets. (Like a Shadow PC on tablet) Then you can play where you want with your Quest but, thanks to the crossbuy systeme, when you want and when you are in the good room at home, you can play these game in better quality and you can play all the other powerfull VR game which currently need a big PC. In other words, when you are out the room, you have a basic phone, a basic Quest but when you are in the same room of the Riftstation, your device become overpowerfull. Then, in the future for the release of your next VR headset, power becomes less important and you can invest more in other criteria such as autonomy, FOV or controller. In addition, it allows users to keep their old Quest 1 and Quest 2 longer without depriving them of a Quest catalog requiring more power and by giving them access to all the games in the Rift and Steam catalog. Rift station can provide extra storage like a NAS for people want to watch movie or record games. The announcement during facebook connect 2021 would no longer be : this is quest 3 and your quest 1 is no longer supported and you have to pay for a new one. The announcement become, for the same price as an oculus quest , your riftstation will transform your old quest 1 & 2 in something powerfull never seen before. I know that the power will not be worth as a $ 2000 PC but when I see the last console, their prices and that I imagine them configured to be dedicated to VR, flat games may be less obtimated but for the rest it will be great. Finally, I think it would interrest players who have neither a PC and helmet as much as those who have already bought a helmet. What do you think?