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Status: New Idea
I bought two Meta Quest 2 headsets for my family for Christmas. They are both linked to my account with the intention of using a single app library on both devices. I have two kids and they are linked to my account as the parent account.
To my disappointment I can only enable app sharing on a single device. This creates multiple problems.
Problem 1:
Only 1 device and kid using it can access the app library at a time. The kids, using their own accounts cannot play together unless one of them plays using my account on the second device.
Problem 2:
If one of my kids is using my account, then we can't keep separate progress in the apps.
Problem 3:
If one of my kids is using my account, I can't utilize parental controls for that kid or limit if there are apps I like to use but I don't feel are appropriate for my kid.
Problem 4:
When the kids are using their own profiles on the separate devices, and one of them wants an app that the other doesn't initially seem interested in but might later a decision has to be made, "Do I buy it on my account that can share (but only on one device at a time) limiting when the kid that wanted it can use it but makes it possible to share with the other kid? Or do I buy it on the one kid's account where it can never be shared but the other kid might want to try it?"
Potential Developer Concern:
App developers might not like the idea of a single purchase of their game being used by multiple people concurrently through app sharing. They work hard on these apps/games and if people want to play together, each player should have to purchase it. I think that is perfectly reasonable.
Suggested Feature Enhancement:
The app sharing on a single device works fine when used offline (not connected to the internet). But when the devices have access to the Internet they should be able to do a license check on the Meta store and allow an app to be used on any device owned by the primary account if a seat is available. To accomplish this the store should allow for purchasing additional "seats" to allow concurrent use of apps in a shared library up to the seat limit purchased for that app.
I believe this would address all 4 problems I identified above as well as allow developers to be compensated fairly for their hard work.
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Level 3

Could not have stated the problem any better. Solved by just allowing the admin to share on multiple devices within the household.

Currently considering wiping our 2nd headset and making one of the children the admin. At least that way both of the headsets could be used and just need to remember what games on on each device. Unfortunately can't install the purchased game/app on both devices but at least can use both with different users.