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Family app sharing needs some love and attention after years of neglect to allow for sharing of DLC content and perhaps increase the number of concurrent headsets to maybe 4 prior to release of quest 3. This is not a new idea and quite an obvious one but the moderators keep telling people to post it here so I will. 

I'm hoping this gets enough up votes to get meta to do something. For those unaware, app sharing allows you to share the base game with up to 1 other headset to sub accounts on that headset. However, you cannot share DLC content purchased for the games nor can the subaccount just buy the DLC content themselves since they don't have the base game. Since after the first implementation of family app sharing, DLC releases exploded by devs as the thing to do and now many games/apps release with the plan to finish/add to the game with DLC releases. Things like additional courses on mini golf or new fishing areas in real vr fishing are all DLC content and not shared like the base game.

With the pending release of the quest 3, I expect a lot of people will have multiple headsets in their house given that they likely came from a quest 2 and may try to implement app sharing to either bring a new friend/roommate/brother/sister/parents into the games/apps they already have. This breaths new life into games with the social experiences with friends/family and also the likelihood of purchasing DLC content because somebody in that group is interested even if it is not the admin account. I can't see how this is not a win-win from meta's perspective to increase player base, breath new life into older games, increase revenue from DLC purchases because someone on the subaccount wanted it even if the admin had no interest. I have a feeling nothing may come of this post but I had to try. Up vote this if it is something you would like fixed/added even if it may not impact you at this moment.

Meta Quest Support
Meta Quest Support

Thank you for sharing!

Honored Guest

Thanks for sharing. Came to query this exact thing. We're interested in the Q3 as we have the Q2, but only if previously bought games will be accessible over both. If we have to repurchase games we'll just be having the Q2 for foreseeable future. 

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey there, @MountainWitch88. We appreciate you responding to neo451 post about app sharing and how it needs to be improved for the Quest 3. Currently, we don't have any information about how this would work with Quest 3 until it comes out, however, you can stay up-to-date with our forums and our blog.


If you have any questions, please let us know.