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Status: New Idea

Hi Meta Quest Support,

I'm reaching out with a suggestion for Horizon Worlds.

Currently, it can be time-consuming to create and recreate your preferred avatar look every time you enter the platform. I'd love to see a new "Styling" feature added to the Avatar's Closet.

This feature would allow users to save up to 10 different customized avatar looks, including clothing, accessories, and makeup. Imagine being able to quickly switch between your favorite " Rocker" outfit, your elegant "Gala" look, or your casual "Everyday" style – all without having to re-select everything each time.

This would not only save time but also allow users to easily express their unique style in the virtual world. No more starting from scratch – just jump in and show off your favorite looks!

Here's a quick suggestion for how the feature might work:

  1. Open Meta Quest.
  2. Go to Profile > Avatar Edit.
  3. Within Avatar Edit, introduce a new section called "Styling".
  4. Within "Styling", allow users to create up to 10 different saved looks.

I believe this "Styling" feature would be a fantastic addition to Horizon Worlds and significantly improve the user experience.

Thank you for your time and consideration

Charmina Deaf Creative


That's a really great idea @deaf_Creative 👍

Even though I can't use Horizon worlds in my country yet.....your suggestion is a "must have".

Meta Quest Support
Meta Quest Support

Nice! Def think this is needed as well! Thank you for sharing! 😊

Meta Quest Support
Meta Quest Support

It's so convenient to have the option of saving various customized looks for your avatar. This way, you can effortlessly switch to a different outfit and get moving. I can totally picture this. 👍