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Level 2
Status: New Idea


 It would be great for the Meta Quest 2 audience to be able to play an ONLINE FPS game as big as Battlefileld. Being able to drive and shoot from tanks, or drive helicopters with turrets. Being able to fire at enemy helicopters and tanks with anti-aircraft placed here and there on the game map. Of course, both tanks and helicopters must be guided by the players. Those who decide not to drive vehicles can fight as infantry, equipped with a rifle, secondary pistol, grenade and rocket launcher to fight vehicles driven by other players from the ground.
do not forget the radio on the shoulder (as onward) to be able to communicate each team member with his partner.
Obviously the latter can have access to anti-aircraft to shoot down enemy vehicles in the field.(with the "soldier" / "medic" / "engineer" / "sniper" classes. In short, a massive and fun game, capable of immersing and returning immense and immersive gameplay in a battlefield that only VR and the viewer of Meta Quest 2 can offer to the public. It would be a great bet that only Meta can WIN. You will be the FIRST to own a game so IMMENSE and IMMERSIVE that NO ONE ELSE in VR can have. We BELIEVE and HOPE in you, our fun is in YOUR hands !! ❤🔥💪