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Every now and then, for many reasons, most people needs to reinstall Windows. And every time there precious things done in the Oculus titles are lost forever. Please, add a simple system to backup and restore not only the games but also the progress made in any title played. Another plus, a good feature, could be to choose between a backup in the cloud or in the personal hard disk. Thank you!
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Just reinstalled windows and I cannot believe there is not already an easy way to do this. The steps in this support page are cringe worthy and DOES NOT SAVE GAME PROGRESS. Help. Come guys you can do better.
This is one of the most needed features. I have to reinstall Windows every 2 or 3 months due to a spooky deterioration of the performances of my machine. And every time I need to backup manually my progress with all my savegames. A lot of times I have forget to backup something, vanishing days and months of gameplay. Steam has a backup function and it is easy to restart a game from the last progress, after reinstalling Windows.