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Level 3
Status: New Idea

I used to be able to share the internet from my iPad to my Quest and then cast to the Oculus app on that same iPad. It was a super easy and convenient way to cast and only required two devices (Quest + iPad)  while still being mobile and able to Cast.  

Since some time back (maybe a year ago or more?) this feature/option stopped working, and now we are required to have an "external" Wifi-network (be it a home Wifi or internet sharing from another device to work as the connection point.)

Please remove the need of the "middleman" connections point and bring back the direct connection option instead. It worked more reliably, was easier to set up, and required one less device.

I can of course still share the internet from my iPad to my Quest/Quest 2/Pro, but the casting button is greyed out in the app unless i connect both devices to any external network. 

Thank you!