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I play on a secondary profile on my mother's quest and there are games like VR Chat that i take pictures in but it goes to the file manager in the Quest 2 which I can't access at all due to my mother's account being the primary so  I cant File Transfer my pictures and videos. Having a feature to be able to transfer files from secondary would be great.


This is easy, when you switch on your Meta Quest 2, choose user you want to see files of and then choose 'Allow device to access files' and that's it! Now you'll see the files of the person who is logged in. Now you can access files from any user on that Oculus!


@kimberleyvanbuyten that doesn't work! only the adim profile can mess with files, secondary accounts the prompt doesn't even show up for file access when connected via USB. which I truly hope they change

ow wait, maybe you must activate USB connection dialog (in devloper mode) or you deactivated the dialog (don’t ask again)

settings > system > USB connection dialog  (I think, I don’t have my Quest with me now)


Edit: Before you start, make sure that second account is in developer mode. First do that! After that go to

settings > system > developer > USB dialog on

Now you can access files on both users, but first select account and them Allow access files


@kimberleyvanbuyten I tried that. the prompt still doesn't show up, I went to developer, and USB connection prompt was already turned on, so I turned it off and on again and still didn't work, is there some way to like force open the files on secondary account?

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@kimberleyvanbuyten are you sure? I have created a secondary account for my kids and I would like move there some game folder but there is no way to get access to that area via USB