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The Couch and Desk under Guardian -> Mixed Reality was removed in V53. It's a shame. Now you can setup all kinds of furniture in Room Setup, but they are useless. They do not show up in your home environment, and you cannot interact with them. I know they are intended for mixed reality. But there isn't  any mixed reality app right now besides Figmin XR. And Quest 2 is not a mixed reality device!

I want to bring my couch and desk into virtual reality. Bringing real objects into VR is one of the coolest ideas you've had. Why are you getting rid of it? 



The desk was actually so cool!

The way it prompted you about guardian changes and could dynamically switch between "at the desk" or room scale felt so free.

Why was this removed? Actually great feature i think more people would use if they knew about it.

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definitely +1


i don't understand why they remove such a good feature.. 

I always use it for movies 

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I can't fathom why this feature is just gone. The couch feature was great for me for 2 reasons: 1) It gave me something I could always orient myself based on without needing to check where I am in passthrough. Space Sense sorta does this, but it isn't nearly as clear as just having the couch plainly visible in my boundary. 2) I have bad ankles and can't stand for long stretches of time. As a result, any time I'm using my headset I swap between roomscale when standing and stationary when sitting very, VERY often. Being able to quickly and easily swap between seated and standing modes was actually a major factor in my choice of VR headset that now just isn't available.

If you can at least implement a new, similar method of quickly and easily swapping between roomscale and stationary without having to menu, I'll be satisfied.

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Bring it back please or give as alternative.

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They really should bring this back. Now I have no idea where this furniture is. When I try to find my couch to sit down I just fall to the floor and hurt myself. When I sit at my desk I don’t know where the surface is and I drop my coffee and spill it. These are hazards now and Meta should care about the physical safety of their users. 😉

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I’m super bummed the couch is gone.

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Just put my +1 on it. Super annoying that it's gone.

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Cool, I'm glad I just lost a critical functionality for my headset with an update. Put this back in. 

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I suspect Meta just threw this out since it probably isn't as useful for the Quest 3 since it has much higher resolution passthrough and you can just see everything.  Even when I upgrade to the Quest 3 I think I would still like a feature like this.  I liked the rendered furniture mixed-reality concept.



I loved being able to transition from roomscale to desk or sofa.

I've recently decided to investigate what happened to this, and I see now its been removed! WHY?!?!

Please bring this functionality back!