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The Couch and Desk under Guardian -> Mixed Reality was removed in V53. It's a shame. Now you can setup all kinds of furniture in Room Setup, but they are useless. They do not show up in your home environment, and you cannot interact with them. I know they are intended for mixed reality. But there isn't  any mixed reality app right now besides Figmin XR. And Quest 2 is not a mixed reality device!

I want to bring my couch and desk into virtual reality. Bringing real objects into VR is one of the coolest ideas you've had. Why are you getting rid of it? 

Meta Quest Support
Meta Quest Support

Totally agree! I want to be able to chill in the sofa and have it be kind of like the sims but in your own home!

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I suspect it is a bug because you can still add the desk and couch to your headset via one of the experimental features.

(I also can't see them myself other then in the adding mode)


Yes, now I can no longer see my sofa in my home when I want to sit on it or see my desk for when I use workspace.

What's going on meta?


came to +1 this; hadn't realized that the most recent update removed this.  I was a heavy user of this feature- I use the couch and desk guardians all the time.  please bring this back!

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Annoying how such important feature is taken away. Another huge +1 here. Please add back couch mode.

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I completely agree. It was one of the coolest native features that made the product more interactive! And it should be interactive, because it is, after all, a VR headset...

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Another +1 on this. Seamlessly moving from standing to sofa to my desk was hugely useful. Also, room setup didn't work well for me with furniture blocking 3 of the walls and the 4th being an arch into another room (where my desk is).

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Also adding a +1 to this. Haven't use the headset in some time but started picking it up again recently and was very happy with the seamlessness of switching from my play area to my sofa or desk, then last night when I shut it off it installed updates which completely axed those features. Now I can mark they are there but unless I'm pressing my face into them I can't see them outlined, and as soon as I leave my guardian boundary the object outlines disappear which isn't super helpful when everything in your apartment is white/grey and hard to distinguish in pass through. Not to mention the walls don't even line up in the corners and the location of objects keeps shifting.

Previously I thought the roomscale/room setup features were brilliant, and they were, now I feel like they are nothing but a waste of time at best and a potentially dangerous feature at worst for those expecting to see the objects they've designated so as to avoid hitting or running into them, given they appear only when its just about too late. 

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Yes we need it back 

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+1, bring back couches