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I like my oculus quest 3, it's a good device, however it's lacking something I find extremely important, especially to those of us with mobility issues, and that is the "Laying down mode" from v53. I've seen posts from a meta employee who said that it was going to come back, but that was quite a while ago. My pico 4 has this feature but they call it "recline mode". Meta needs to catch up with pico on this. 

We need to know how soon this is coming back, as it was a great feature 

Also for personal use, does anyone know if this setting can be activated or emulated through adb commands? If a meta employee could give a solid answer to any of this, it would be appreciated.


good idea!

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YES, THIS. Sometimes I want to enjoy games and media while laying down


I have been a happy customer since the CV1. What Meta has done for VR is amazing.


The Quest hardware is so good for the price, but the software really needs some love from Meta. Ai is good to invest in but UI should be the top priority for user experience. Don't let apple eat your lunch in this space.

The upgrade from Quest 2 to 3 passthrough has made me into a power user. I personally use VR seated for 3 hours and laying down for 3 hours. While laying down I can only really use Virtual Desktop comfortably. This feature would open up my options to games as well.

Meta Quest Support
Meta Quest Support

I totally love this idea! It's relatable and could actually be an amazing feature. I've been playing games for 11 years now, but there are times when I feel lazy and just want to relax while still enjoying my games.


this, or as a substitution. disable global position information and only use head to track controllers relative to yourself. 

In this way things would be fixed/attached to my headset movement regardless of gravity and I could put my head in any position while lying down. Would also work wonders in moving vehicles and as HUDs. You do not even need to disable position tracking as long as you can make things attach to the player instead of the world.

This may seem like a different idea but it is the same objective. Allow usage while laying down/traveling.


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I didn't know you could be playing lying in bed!! Why did they remove it?!! Apparently the updates are worse..😢

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As a new owner of my first VR headset, a Quest 3, I would really appreciate this feature as a fairly disabled user. I hope Meta has someone who specializes in accessibility for disabled users. Heck, I would like to be a test user of said features if they need any.

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As a disabled person, I too would like to see this feature fully implemented, and to hear when it might happen.