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Status: New Idea

I miss the live stream feature it was alot easier than just recording then trying to share to Facebook from the headset plus the recordings take up to much space especially when they're longer than 10 to 20 minutes and takes forever to actually post on your feed. They should make it an optional setting so that people can choose wheather or not they want the feature on there headset cause I know alot of people complained about how it only allows you to stream to facebook and not to twitch and all those other services well for someone like me who only uses Facebook I loved being able to have an audience of friends and family to watch what I'm currently doing on the headset and making videos just to upload them is too much of a hassle live streaming was simple and convenient


Please bring it back for those of us that would love to use it again even if it's just an optional setting it's better than not being able to stream at all and only the ones that want the feature can choose to turn it on which I think is a great compromise compared to removing it completely