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Expert Protege
Status: New Idea

The home environment is still at a really low resolution compared to what the Quest 3 can handle. I tested a resolution of 2191x2048. This resulted in a much better picture quality at the same locked FPS.

Here are a few scenes that depict the differences between the resolutions (horizon terrace env.):
Bumped upBumped upDefaultDefault
We can see a pretty strong increase in details on the tree and the foliage around it. The white wall in the back and the bench are also much clearer now.

Bumped upBumped upDefaultDefaultIn this scene, the marble gains a lot more of the lost detail caused by a low rendering resolution and the edges of objects aren't that harsh anymore. The mirror unfortunately keeps a bit of the ugly pixelation. The other objects in the background look much better as well, especially the further ones.

These examples may not look like a big difference, but when you are in the headset, the difference is much greater. And don't only take my word for it, there have been so many people complaining about the "blurriness" of the home environments. Or for example when I let people try the headset, although they are amazed at first, after a bit of time they notice how blurry everything looks, especially when I change the resolution to a higher one.

Therefore I ask you, Meta, to give us an official way of changing the render resolution on the headset. Like a slider or a few different presets. That would be also beneficial as a part of the battery saver mode since what it does now is pretty basic and doesn't really help that much.