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Level 4
Status: New Idea

I absolutely love the quest but with the latest update it got way worse. I need to turn down pinch gestures sensitivity, It keeps making me exit my games and apps! Or I'd love to just turn of pinch completely, controllers are great, gestures are horrible and glitch.


It happens over and over... For example, I will be playing a game and the pinch gesture just triggers randomly sending me into a menu and ending any hope I had of enjoying the experience,

Please make the pinch less sensitive at least!!! It causes oculus menus to open or sometimes it causes the menu to appear but also sometimes (accidently) I'll click the Close button not realizing and quit the game entirely, then feeling completely dumfounded wondering why did I buy this HMD?

Even just moving hands around if palms are facing towards the users is enough and the quest will glitch often and opens menus and completely interrupts the experience.

It's really unexpected behavior to have menus suddenly open and the player become removed from the game because of some gesture was recognized that was never intended. It's the most completely immersion breaking bug I have ever seen in a HMD ever!

I like this HMD though! More precisely; I did like the HMD when it had a earlier runtime version and the finger tracking gestures were tame, now they are firing very often, and the pinch timers are so short after .5 seconds it detects as pinch and opens a menu, it causes so many issues and feels completely unfair that the designers and marketing elites are simply unconcerned that there are user's who wish not to use or be forced to use hand gesture features yet they must despite their strong desire and reasoning for not wanting it.

Are there really no options that would allow me to disable pinch gesturing in my HMD? What justifies not allowing users to have control over features that are confusing, pinch gestures features should really be labeled a experimental feature. Simply let the user fallback to controllers if they please?