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Status: New Idea

I see the issue has been raised a few times on here, but nothing's being done about it, so I'll raise it again.

I needed to request a replacement for one of my controllers, which I was eligible to get. But my Quest was a gift from someone who lived in France, they purchased it in France, so the Quest was linked to France. I live in the UK, so when I went to request a replacement, I was unable to do so because it wouldn't accept a UK address. I contacted Meta support, who couldn't do anything for me, and said the warranty was locked to France.

I've had to send it to a relative's address, meaning I probably won't receive the controller for months, if ever (I don't know if my relative will agree to send it to me).

Meta, you claim to be an international company. You should know that customers moving countries is quite common. At the very least, there should be an option to register the Quest to a specific country when you receive it. I see people have been requesting this for years, please do something to fix this glaring problem.