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Status: New Idea

As a short term fix, I'd recommend shipping the Quest controllers with batteries like these:


This would be a significant improvement over people having to buy regular AA batteries, or buy chargeable batteries with their own independent charger.


Plus, the small extra charging cable that comes with them should be storable in existing cases for the Quest.




Of course, ideally you'd want to modify the controllers to have external charging ports. I'm not sure why the current trade-off was chosen (reducing cost by $10?), but since it's already happened and changing the design might take a while, I'd recommend just hacking a solution to improve user experience.


Maybe also add a product like this to the store for people who are just buying new batteries for their controllers. 


Edit: If Meta put some "We apologize we messed up with the design trade-off for the controllers" messaging on the Oculus site (not in those words), along with this solution... I think that would have a humanizing effect for the brand... There's much to be said for being a little apologetic and vulnerable when it makes sense to be.