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Status: New Idea

I have been trying to use voicemeeter so seperate my game sound and music as i stream but even if i set a different default for the app / game through the windows it still uses the windows default, aswell as the latency is set by them and now way of knowing what latency, iv tried from 126 up to 2048 and even boosted up to 7168 and i couldnt a compatable one anywhere.


So i say we should be able to change the default device in teh oculus app instead of just having the 2 options of windows default and headset, allow this for both audio and mic.


Aswell as be able to change the hz default and audio latency to have it higher or lower depending on software of headset your using, my headphones have a 0hz delay so there fine but trying to use the oculus app on pc is restricting what i can do.


i am a streamer and i get copyrighted if i play music and iv tried all sorts of softwares to isolate it but they all fail thanks to oculus base software.


when i try and use them the games just crash or lag or have delayed sound, beatsaber is the only exception as u can change latency manually in the game itself but we need a way to change the default.


I use the quest 2 and link cable to play pcvr and im not the only pcvr user with this problem, steam already has this so its not a problem but i mostly use the rift software / oculus app.