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Rift CV1 owners are concerned at the recent decision to stop selling the Rift CV1 accessories only 6 months after the sale of the last headset. Of particular concern is the lack headset cable which is probably the most fragile component. The expectation that we should buy a whole new headset if this $50 part fails is a major concern. Many circumstances can occur outside of warranty conditions like * pets can chew this cable * accidental twisting over time fatigues the cable * accidental falls can pull the cable from the PC All these circumstances are not Oculus' fault and should not be handled under warranty. However the end user do have the expectation that they can repair a commonly failing part for their headset. Consumer rights in the USA are very weak and favour companies over consumers. However in the EU, Australia and New Zealand the laws state that spare parts should be available for a reasonable amount of time after the product is discontinued. 6 months is not very reasonable considering that most users have an expectation that PC components should last between 3-5 years. Ref: A survey of 250 Oculus users seems to suggest that most Rift owners expect to get approximately 4-5 years from their headset Source of results can be found in comments for above image. Many of us understand that this cable was possibly being made by a third party who has made the decision to no longer supply them to you. However you made the design decision to go with a proprietary cable so unfortunately the onus is on you to abide by consumer laws and will have to either make freely available design specifications and connector patents so a 3rd party can make them or source a new supplier for this cable so you can sell it yourself. Your quality end user support compared to other VR headset vendors has earned you a great reputation in the VR community in recent years. This quality support has definitely helped accelerate the growth of your marketshare with as Oculus owners recommend your headset to family and friends based on how good your after market support is. Please don't tarnish this reputation and abandon the early adopters that have helped to grow your ecosystem. We want to remain Oculus customers but it becomes the standard that headsets (including the Rift-S) will be abandoned 6 months after the product is discontinued from sale many of us will have second thoughts about buying future Oculus products as well as using the Oculus store. More voices here - and here -
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Also, I recommend everyone here join me and take to social media campaigns over Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, Instagram, and any other networks you participate in. @mention Oculus and turn up the heat. Dont worry about what people say, just hit Oculus' reputation where it is public. If Oculus doesnt cave to its paying customer's pressure, then their online brand can be knocked a peg to represent their market ethics. Suggested theme: CV1 is now Wireless! Catchy headline aint it?
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I will state that the companies policy on no replacements (or sale) of cables for Rift "out of warranty" is criminal. The product lasted less than 2 years and now the option given was to repurchase an entire unit (OF THE DISCONTINUED-UNSUPPORTED MODEL)from them at a discount. If this is the mindset, then I would agree with others it is time to move on to a new platform. There are many things wrong in "good ole' USA."
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I frequently show off my Rift to friends - some of whom have then purchased one. My cable may be the cause of my current issue of flashing black / static and I cannot find a replacement. If this post is true and they are still not being manufactured in an apparent attempt to get one to upgrade, I believe it's bad business practices and can no longer purchase nor recommend Oculus. Please advise if and when this policy changes. Thank YOu
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I will not be buying an Oculus Headset as my next HMD because of this.
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Bought 2 Rifts (one for each of my teenagers) last Christmas and the cable on one is damaged from twisting. It's under the warranty period but is clearly due to not caring for the cable correctly. But to not even offer a replacement option for something that is less than a year old is a pathetic business practice. I bought the Rifts based on other users' past recommendations. If you can't sell new cables, at least create some type of adapter than will work with industry available cables and sell those at a reasonable price so you can still milk your users of some profits based on your poor design. If this is not resolved in the coming months, this will be the last Oculus product I ever buy - period.
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A hmd shouldn't be rendered useless by a broken cable
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I'm sure Oculus has heard this, but there is no way I will upgrade to a Rift S (or any other Oculus product), if the support (cable supply) is the same as the Rift CV1. Has anybody tried a rift S cable in a rift? I already have to use an adaptor cable for HDMI to Display.. so physically it would connect.
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There's no way I'm ever spending a penny on another Oculus product if you can't even keep spare parts for sale for a reasonable amount of time. That's ridiculous.
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I bought my CV1 a little over two years ago. The sound cable stopped working a year ago. I managed to fix it more or less with an external cable but now is the video cable that does not work. The worst part is that Oculus does not sell spare parts for it anymore. This is a shame, Oculus, this is a shame.
Level 3
I agree. My friend recently broke his CV1 cable and has gotten no word from Oculus for a resolution. We’re in Australia as well so consumers have rights