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Status: New Idea

This is such a simple and basic accessibility feature, I don't know how or why it isn't already a thing.

I've seen a fair number of people complain that they have to shift their wrists left or right, or tilt the controller up or down in ways that don't quite feel right to aim properly in VR with all of the Quest products.

The angle isn't terribly off in most cases, but just enough that things get a bit awkward sometimes.

I have to tilt my wrist down slightly in to "aim correctly" in most apps and it never feels quite good to do.

This is an issue in both standalone and PCVR apps, and it would be nice if the solution was just tweaking something in the Quest system menu rather than just awkwardly tilting my wrist a bit.

There is no perfectly shaped controller that works for every hand, but a feature like this would go a long way to making the Quest controllers, all of them, a lot more compatible with more people's grip.

It's something that could be worked into basic calibration and could be done with a simple offset, so I'm not sure why it's not already a feature.

I've seen other VR controllers and systems that allow for this, but Quest doesn't for some reason.

Let the user decide what a comfortable angle for the controller they can hold it that "points forward" and at least give us a way to dial it in a little.

This should be a system UI thing for the hardware itself and not an "option" in a software app, just like the tilt option for the joystick calibration. It shouldn't be any more difficult to do.

Please make this happen and add controller aim tilt to the calibration menu in the options in an update in the not so distant future.

It would do a ton to improve my experience with these devices. Currently it's a small annoyance, but it is a consistent one that makes me hesitate to use my Quest.