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Quest 2 controllers float or have trouble tracking more often than Quest 1 controllers. We believe this is due to the battery saving aspect of the controllers. Please allow us to adjust how much battery saving vs performance we want in the controllers in the settings, similar to how you can adjust laptop performance vs battery. Many of us care more about not losing tracking than getting more juice out of our batteries, especially with rechargeable batteries.
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Expert Protege
Eneloop Batteries are AWESOME! I've been using them for 10 years, only had to toss one away so far cause it got weak. And I use them 12-14 hours a day in my headsets. I get 2 to 3 days out of them with everything max in these controllers (Haptics, etc..), and I wear this thing 10-14 hours a day (I'm a retired engineer and programmer). 4 AA's and charger only around $17.00. WELL worth it. I charge two, use two. Swap out even when not too low. PLUS, you're saving the planet from wasteful one-off batteries going in the trash. Here's part of a review I did.... ********************* By buying 4 eneloop rechargeable batteries 3 years ago at $10.00; 547.5 Alkaline Batteries - 4 eneloop Batteries = 543.5 Batteries I saved from landfills. $219.00 for unpurchased Alkaline ones - $10.00 for actual eneloops ones = $209.00 I saved.... *IF* my math is correct, I paid for my last two Amazon orders because I bought 4 rechargeable batteries 3 years ago *AND* I also saved over 500 Batteries from polluting landfills!!! ************************ Calculation didn't include charger or electricity to charge, but still.. I've saved A TON with a small initial investment. That calculation was after 3 years. It's been TEN!!! :) Yes, others hold a good charge a little longer than the rechargeable, but still. It's minimum effort to change them out. Think about it 🙂