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Status: New Idea

The Accessibility feature allowing controller remapping is appreciated, but as it is, it’s too cumbersome to use. Personalized control schemes that can be saved PER APP would be a huge improvement.

As a lefty, I prefer swapped stick locomotion (moving with the right stick, turning with the left). Most games have locomotion options that accommodate my needs, but some (like Horizon Worlds) don’t, so if I want to play them, I need to use the system accessibility settings.

The problem is, I have to set it up each time I want to play said game, and reset it for the next game that doesn’t need control changes.

For some games, swapping sticks is enough, but for others, stick clicks and face buttons also need to be swapped (if the game uses A for jumping, for example). It gets tiresome quickly, so as a result, I just don’t play those games (including anything in Horizon Worlds).

Please look at how Steam handles input mapping. It lets you set up controller configurations and save them for any game in your library. When you launch the game, a pop-up message shows the name of the control scheme in use, to avoid any confusion. That’s real accessibility accommodation.