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Status: New Idea

Hope this helps to give intel for this war sale you guys have against Apple.


Quest 3 is an amazing headset that is indeed cheaper than the apple vision pro. Looking in from the meta quest to the vision pro there's a huge Key peice missing to bring true popularity to meta horizon worlds 


This is the fact that meta horizons isn't Immersive, and what I mean by this is that, this shouldn't be an app. This should be the home lay out for the quest 3 device 

To break it down 

The system should launch you into a meta horizon apartment or your own, you should be able to fully customize this room with different vr portraits, furniture, game portals you can walk into, ect. 


There should also be a huge lobby dedicated to meta horizons. Make this lobby extremely huge. Have it like a true metropolis, having virtual stores with real brand. Advertising ads bill boards everywhere. This lobby needs to have tons of mini games and other things you can visit that you can play. To give this a metropolis vibe the server Quality needs to be extremely well and also needs to atleast hold 50,000 to 100,000 this is crucial to give off the wanted and desired fact that meta horizons is popular and there's always somone to talk to, when it comes to vr, I've seen way to many ghost towns. 


The quest 3 needs its own full body tracking. And what I mean by that is too add in legs with some accessory, full immersion and seeing your body move how you move, is a huge crucial part for the game. Giving this option for the standalone users would give them a bigger valid reason to stay